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Toronto, ON // July 12 // The Dock Ellis

Alymer, ON // July 22 // The Underground

London, ON // July 27 // Palasad Socialbowl

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Who Is Moore Ave?

Four brothers. Three by blood, one guilty by association. 

Moore Ave hails from the small town of Aylmer, Ontario (two hours west of Toronto) and is composed of the brothers Gaudette; Josh (rhythm/vocals), Joe (lead) and Jack (bass), with the final piece to the puzzle being brother-in-punk, Shawn MacDonald (drums).

The band takes punk rock of the late 90-00s wave and turns it into a blend of melodically driven distortion that will keep your eardrums yearning for more. With a sound influenced by the likes of NOFX, Alexisonfire, Rancid, Sum 41 and Blink-182, Moore Ave has carved out a niche that is the perfect balance of nostalgia and new age twist. Catchy distorted guitar lines, combined with drum fills that pack a punch and booming, angsty vocals round out Moore Ave’s signature sound.

The band is excited to share their first full length album ‘Turn Around’ (2023) after working tirelessly with Wade MacNeil (Alexisonfire) to produce their best work to date. “Working with Wade was like a dream. He’s professional, smart, hilarious, and he created the perfect environment for us to enjoy our time while creating!” (Jack)

“Community, empathy and a sense of family are three pillars which Moore Ave has always stood for, and in a world where these qualities are fleeting,” says Josh. “What's more punk rock than that?”

The band’s live performance is one for the ages. High energy, a sense of community, witty on stage banter and sometimes even fake horse heads make an appearance. The band’s home also doubles as a venue where well-known punk rock acts such as Keep Flying, Rival Town, Fortune Cove, & Harm and Ease have stopped in to experience all that “The Underground” has to offer. Don’t believe us? Keep an eye out for Moore Ave’s next local show and experience it for yourself.

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